Take part in Jambler.io affiliate program and launch your bitcoin mixer

Jambler.io offers you an opportunity to create your own Bitcoin mixer and start earning without any significant initial investments. Check out the video to learn the process of interaction between the platform and partners.

To enter our affiliate program, a user will need to register having specified a Jabber or Telegram account. We do not collect personal data (name, e-mail address, etc.) for security reasons. After filling in the registration form you will get an access to a personal account. To proceed click the corresponding button below. You can also find sign-up instructions on How to page.


How does Jambler interact with Partners?

End users interact with our partners who use the Jambler platform. This approach is very similar to a referral program and avoids conflicts of interest between the platform and partners. Anyone interested in business of cryptocurrency transaction anonymization can enter Jambler.io affiliate program. It can be done very quickly and easily.

Start — process initiation

After registration a partner should set a commission fee, a mixer name and a wallet address for profit withdrawal in a personal account on the website. The system generates a PHP code of a partner mixer for a partner and also provides HTML templates for Tor and Clearnet. All you need to do is to deploy them on your domain and start earning. For more information on Partner Mixer deployment, please visit How to page.

How does this work?

This is what happens when a customer visits a partner mixer:


A customer specifies addresses for Bitcoin return in appropriate fields and sends a request to the platform via your mixer.


On your website and under your condition Jambler.io provides a customer with a digitally signed letter of guarantee (PGP signature) and a Bitcoin payment address on behalf of the partner (Private Label). A text of a letter of guarantee for a partner mixer can be translated into any language by partner request.


After customers receive a letter of guarantee, they send money for cleansing to the deposit address specified in the letter.


Cleansed money (obtained from cryptocurrency stock exchanges) with a deduction of the commission fee will be sent to a customer in some random parts at different time intervals but no later than 12 hours in total since a receipt of the first confirmation on the incoming transaction. It can reduce a possibility of deanonymization of the customer through the analysis of blockchain volumes.


Partners get notifications of every customer request and its status change in Telegram/Jabber. When a minimal sum for withdrawal (from 0,01 BTC) is built up, a revenue is sent to a partner automatically or upon request.


Upon transaction completion the platform pays a commission to a partner.

As you can see, the process is pretty simple and transparent. Become one of those who creates his own Bitcoin mixer with Jambler and makes a profit.

Help desk of the Jambler.io platform ensures a rapid response to arising technical problems which partners and their customers may face.

Partners are able to choose preferred models to promote their crypto currency anonymization services, herewith, Jambler.io does not bear the responsibility for such actions.