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We did our best and wrote brief manuals on almost each aspect of using (working with) platform. If you did not find a comprehensive answer to your ‘How to’ question, feel free to contact us in any convenient for you way.

How to register on using Telegram account

How to sign up for using Jabber

Quick Start: How to Deploy a Partner Mixer Clearnet Website on a Shared Hosting

Partner Mixer Deployment on a VPS (Clearnet Website, TOR Mirror, Telegram Bot)

Verifying a PGP-signed message using Gpg4win

Investing your coins with

How to register on using telegram account

  • Please open the registration page
  • Make sure the radio button Telegram is selected in the yellow frame (it is usually selected by default)
  • In the Username field please enter your Telegram username which starts with @
    (make sure that you DO NOT ENTER e-mail address or telephone number, they won’t work)

  • Enter your password and then click Register

After registration you will be asked to verify your account (we recommend following this procedure in order to receive notifications of transactions and settings change).

  • Please find in your telegram app telegram service bot @jambler_bot (make sure that you do not send the code to the official telegram group)
  • Start the conversation with @jambler_bot by clicking on the corresponding ‘start’ button. Send the 6-digit code from the message at the top of your personal account page to @jambler_bot

  • Wait for the confirmation message from the bot and update your personal account page

Now you can proceed to build your own mixer.

In case of any issues, feel free to contact Tech Support team at [email protected]

How to sign up for using Jabber

To illustrate the process of registration we use jabber server - and Jabber client - Yaxim

We assume that you already have Jabber account and Jabber client. Otherwise, follow these two steps:

  • To create Jabber account go to any Jabber server, for example, and create a new account, following the detailed instructions. Your JID (Jabber IDentifier) will be of the form: [email protected]
  • Install jabber client on your device. We use Yaxim as an example. After installing set up client connection to the server

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Sign up for using your jabber account

2. In your Jabber client find Jambler service bot [email protected]

  • In the case of Yaxim, сlick settings at the right top corner => Add contact. Enter [email protected] and click Ok

3. Verify your Jambler personal account:

  • Go to, open your personal account page and copy/remember the 6-digit verification code

  • Open your jabber client. Click Jambler service bot you added
  • Paste/enter the 6-digit code and click Ok

4. If verification is successful,

  • you will receive a confirmation message from bot,
  • and a checkmark “verified” will appear next to your username on your Jambler account page

Quick Start: How to Deploy a Partner Mixer Clearnet Website on a Shared Hosting


  • Your Jambler account should be verified
  • You need to specify the name of your mixer in your Jambler account and save the changes. This name will be displayed on the main page of your mixer.
  • To illustrate the process of mixer launching we use free web hosting at

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. Download partner website template zip-file at
  2. Go to and sign up for free/get free hosting
  3. Open my websites and create a new website by clicking the plus (+) button

  4. Enter your website name, password and click create

  5. To upload partner website template zip-file with web file manager click UPLOAD NOW

  6. Enter your website name, password and click LOG IN

  7. Click upload files, select partner website template zip-file you downloaded and click UPLOAD

  8. Right click on the zip-file and click Extract

  9. Enter «.» in the corresponding box and click EXTRACT

  10. Open public_html folder, right click on index.php and then click Edit

  11. Enter API key you can find in your personal account on and click SAVE AND CLOSE

  12. Your website is ready.

Now it’s time to test your website performance

  • Go to your mixer website. (In my case
  • The name of the mixer you specified in your personal account on will be displayed at the top of your mixer website
  • Create a request / requests to mix bitcoins by clicking start bitcoin anonymization

  • Enter your BTC address you can find in your personal account on and click mix my coins

  • Download letter of guarantee link will appear on your website page

  • You will receive a notification of the created request / requests in your telegram or jabber client (Depending on the account you registered with)

Congratulations! Now your own mixer website is ready to go live!

Partner Mixer Deployment on a VPS (Clearnet Website, TOR Mirror, Telegram Bot)


  • Before starting we expect you to do some preparatory work. Please make sure that you have a domain name, a VPS (Virtual Private Server), set-up DNS rules for the domain & SSL certificates (it is optional; however we recommend to install them)
  • Register on website, execute verification of your account


  • The instructions below assume that the installation of your mixer website is done on clean Debian 9 Operational System with the help of the script provided by
  • The installation on other operational systems or installation of all components apart are not described in the following instructions
  • These instructions describe the installation of your mixer website on a VPS, not on a shared hosting

Once you have registered on website and have verified your account, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Define Mixer Attributes in your personal account on
  • Execute an installation script for a clearnet website, TOR mirror and a Telegram bot on a VPS
  • Configure a clearnet website and TOR mirror
  • Set-up a Telegram bot

Step 1: Define Mixer Attributes

Go to and fill in the corresponding attributes

Bitcoin Mixer Name (mandatory) - this name will be displayed on your mixer website, Telegram bot and in letters of guarantee

BTC Address for Profit Withdrawal (mandatory) – a bitcoin address to which you would like to receive commission (money)

Language of letter of guarantee (optional) - a language in which letters of guarantee on behalf of your mixer will be generated by the platform

Partner Mixer Commission (optional) - a commission that will be paid to a partner for every transaction. A partner can specify any commission ranging from 1% to 10%. We recommend a commission of 2%

Automated Withdrawal Sum (optional) - when a specified value is reached, your profit will be automatically sent to a recently indicated address

Partner’s API Keys (optional) - API key (an application programming interface key) is a unique code that is passed in to an application programming interface (API) to identify the calling application or user. API keys are used to track and control how the API is being used, for example to prevent malicious use or abuse of the API.

You need an API key for your mixer website and a telegram bot in order could identify you as a partner. You can protect an API key by entering an IP address of your server where the mixer/Telegram bot is deployed. Several keys with various security settings can be created.

Step 2: Create your Telegram bot

At this stage you need a Telegram token for a bot and a bot name. You can get them via @BotFather. Just open your Telegram app, search for @BotFather and start the chat. Use the /newbot command and follow the instructions to create a new bot.

Step 3: Execute a script for a clearnet website, TOR mirror and a Telegram bot

You will need an SSH client to access your hosting server. In this manual we use PuTTY for this purpose.

For setting up you need a VPS (Virtual Private Server – your hosting server) with clean Debian 9 OS with a root account.

Open your terminal client (e.g. PuTTY). Connect to your VPS (your hosting server). Log in as root and enter your password.

To download the script, run the command:

To set up required permissions run the command:
chmod 755

Now launch the script using the command:

The script will ask for your domain name, the Jambler API key and the Telegram token. Enter them and proceed.

All necessary components including Nginx, Tor, Node.JS, PHP will be uploaded and installed with the script.

Besides all necessary services, this script will download and install the package

Wait until all commands are executed, it can take some time.

Step 4: Additional procedures

Note: To configure the hosting server you will need a terminal client, an SFTP client and a text editor. As an example we use PuTTY – SSH client to access a VPS , FileZilla – an SFTP client and JetBrains PhpStorm to edit configuration files.

At some point after the script installation you may need to change your the API key or the Telegram token. Here is how you can do it.

Changing the API key in the website

Open your SFTP client. Download the file index.php from the directory /var/www/html from VPS server on your local computer.

Open the file in the text editor software. Insert a new API key in quotes after the eponymous variable in the beginning of the document:

Save changes and upload the updated file on remote VPS server using your SFTP client.

Changing the API key and token used by the bot

Open your SFTP client. Download the file config.js from the directory /var/mixer-bot/ from VPS server on your local computer.

Open the file in the text editor software. Enter your Telegram token you got via @BotFather and API Key you can find in your personal account on in the corresponding fields.

  • YOUR_TELEGRAM_TOKEN – Telegram token
  • YOUR_JAMBLER_API_KEY – Jambler Partner API Key

Save changes and upload the updated file on remote VPS server using your SFTP client.

Open your terminal client. To apply changes run the command:
cd /var/mixer-bot; npm install; service supervisor start

Now your mixer bot is ready to work. To check it, enter /start and after that follow the instructions of the bot.

Now your mixer website, TOR mirror and telegram bot are configured and you can start working.

Website verification

To test your website performance, please open your mixer website in browser http://your_mixer_domain_name. Your mixer name will be displayed at the top of the page.

Click Start Bitcoin Anonymization, enter your Bitcoin address(es) and click Mix My Coins button. If the mixer website is successfully installed, you will get:

  • On the website:
    • a letter of guarantee
    • a forward address for sending money
  • In your Telegram account:
    • a message from our service bot with a new request

SSL certificates configuration

The installation of the SSL certificates is optional; however we recommend doing it.

By default the SSL certificate is not installed. It is up to you to include it on your website or not.

Upload the SSL certificates site.pem and site.key in the following folder /etc/nginx/ssl

Once the SSL certificates are uploaded, please uncomment the nine lines in SSL block and comment out the line:
listen 80
to prevent access to your website without SSL. You can do it in the following file: /etc/nginx/conf.d/www_site.conf

Restart nginx with the following command:
service nginx reload

After that the SSL certificates will be integrated.

TOR mirror

TOR name of your website will be generated automatically by the installation script. To get it, please, run the command:
cat /var/lib/tor/hidden-services/hostname
using your terminal client.

We recommend following the same steps as in clearnet to check the functioning of TOR mirror.

Verifying a PGP-signed message using Gpg4win

Whether you mix coins using our platform or invest your coins into it, upon every operation we provide you with a letter that serves to assure our obligations towards you. We call it the Letter of Guarantee. Every such letter is accompanied by a digital PGP signature which constitutes infallible cryptographic proof of authenticity and integrity of the message.

You can store our letters of guarantee and verify their signatures at any time, confirming that they were indeed issued by our platform and contain true information about operations conducted with us.

So, how do you verify our letters? You will need special software for this, but not to worry: we have prepared very detailed directions on what we think is the easiest way to verify PGP signatures.

1. Installing Gpg4win.

  • Go to and click the Download link.
  • Choose “$0” and click the Download button.
  • Download the setup file and run it.
  • Click Next to proceed to component selection.
  • For simple verification of our guarantee letters you only need GnuPG and the Kleopatra front-end, but feel free to mark other components that you think you could use for something else.
  • Click Next, then Install.
  • When the installer is done, click Finish.

2. Importing Jambler's public key.

  • Download our key file to your computer:
  • Start Kleopatra, if it is not already running.
  • Click Import.
  • Click the drop-down on the bottom-right of the file selection dialog and choose “Any files” instead of “Certificates”.
  • Navigate to the key file you have saved, select it and click Open.
  • Click No to the dialog box. For simplicity's sake, we will skip this step for now.
  • If everything is done correctly, our key is now showing on the list and you are ready to start verifying messages signed with it.

3. Verifying signed messages.

  • In Kleopatra, click Decrypt/Verify.
  • Browse to our letter of guarantee that you want to verify and click Open.
  • If the signature is valid, the result will contain our information and look like this:

    This result means the signature on the message is valid, but the software does not know how trustworthy the issuer is. Another variant of a successful result looks like this:

    If you are not getting this result yet, you will after step 4.
  • If the signature is invalid, the result will look like this:

  • Unless the result says “Invalid signature” in red, the verification is passed. You have just confirmed that the letter has been issued by Jambler and contains true information about our obligations to you. Any given signature is valid only for the exact text used to generate it, so it proves that the letter has not been tampered with and says exactly what we wanted it to say.

4. (Optional) Certifying Jambler's key with your own private key.

  • To tell the software that this key is trustworthy, you can certify it yourself (after making sure it comes from us, of course).
  • Assuming you have no personal certificates yet, you will need to create one. In Kleopatra, go to File → New Key Pair, then click “Create a personal OpenPGP key pair”.
  • Enter your name and/or email (at least one of the two is required). This information will be seen by the recipients of messages you sign with this certificate. Click Next.
  • Enter a passphrase. It will be required to sign and certify things later. Click OK.
  • Click Finish.
  • Highlight our key on the list and click Certify.
  • Mark the certificate on the list.
  • Go to our website ( on the clearnet, or jamblery7zgxknhjtmj3mhfdajmyddqxbufrf6voa32h5w4otux3crqd.onion on Tor). Compare the fingerprints shown in Kleopatra and at the bottom of our web page.
  • If the fingerprints match, check “I have verified the fingerprint” and click Next.
  • Click Certify and enter your passphrase.
  • Click Finish.
  • Now our certificate will show as trusted during verification.

Investing coins with

This section answers some frequent questions about investing coins at out platform and gives a complete walkthrough of this procedure.

Who are we?

We are an innovative platform for building Bitcoin anonymization services. already powers a number of popular Bitcoin mixers, and their number keeps growing.

What profit can one expect from investments?

The interest on your investments is fixed at 1% (one percent) of invested amount. That is, for every 1 BTC you invest, you receive 1.01 BTC in return.

Why do we buy BTC?

We regularly buy clean BTC from major exchanges and resell them to end customers of Bitcoin mixers built on our platform. This is what makes our anonymization approach unique. A detailed description of the mixing process is available here.

All incoming transactions from investors(sellers) go through an automatic verification procedure. If your BTC do not pass the verification, they will be returned to you, after deduction of 0.25% and the Bitcoin network commission.

How to invest your coins — step-by-step

First, you will need to register at (see detailed instructions above).

After registering and signing in to, you will see two important indicators in the upper part of the page. The “battery” indicator reflects platform’s current supply of investor funds. This demand affects the second value, which is the estimated time until invested funds are returned with interest.

Screenshot: Jambler's BTC demand indicator

Based on these two indications, you can pick the optimal time for making an investment.

To invest funds, sign in to your account and switch to the Seller tab.

Screenshot: The Seller tab in the personal account at

Here you need to specify your Bitcoin address to which you wish to receive your BTC back with interest. Insert it into the Forward Address field and click Invest Now.

Screenshot: The return address field and the Invest Now button

On the next page, check both checkboxes and click Accept. By doing this you confirm acceptance of the following terms:

  1. The input address for your funds provided by the system will only be valid within 7 days.
  2. You must save our Letter of Guarantee and verify its authenticity before sending us your coins.

Screenshot: Terms to accept before investing

On the next page you will see the address to which you should send your BTC. Before sending them, click Download Letter of Guarantee and save this letter on your device. Do not delete it until the deal is completed!

Screenshot: The link to download the Letter of Guarantee

See more details about the Letter of Guarantee on this page below.

Which stock exchanges are acceptable?

It is preferrable to use accounts at stock exchanges that are among the top 30 at (some examples: Poloniex, Binance, Korbit, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Pbit, GDAX, Okcoin, Kraken, Gemini, BTCC, CEX.IO, itBit, Simex, Lakebtc, Bitbay, Livecoin, etc.), or from LocalBitcoins. The money from these places is more likely to pass the verification of Transactions with amounts below 0.3 BTC are less likely to pass the verification. This is related to the way funds are withdrawn from exchanges. The verification includes checking what exchange the transaction belongs to.

What is the minimal amount for investment?

We strongly recommend that you send amounts greater than 0.04 BTC, because the withdrawal commissions of stock exchanges combined with Bitcoin transaction fees can make smaller transactions pointless.

For instance, if you invest exactly 0.04 BTC, then the interest of 1% works out to 0.0004 BTC. Meanwhile, some exchanges charge as much as 0.0005 BTC for withdrawal of coins, in which case you will lose -0.0001 BTC overall on this transaction.

These fees are less noticeable for larger investment amounts. For example, if you invest 1 BTC, the interest will increase it to 1.01 BTC, and your net profit will be 0.0095 BTC (assuming the withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC from the previous example).

You can use the investment calculator on the Seller page to double-check your calculations.

What is the maximum amount for investment?

You may send up to 5 BTC in a single transaction, although nothing stops you from sending multiple transactions in succession.

How many blockchain confirmations are required before the platform considers my funds received?

A transfer is considered received after a single confirmation. Once this happens, the system starts processing your investment and initiates the funds verification procedure. The time until return with interest is also counted from this moment.

What is the Letter of Guarantee and how to verify it?

A Letter of Guarantee is a text message generated by the platform which contains the attributes and conditions of your investment deal. It serves as the comfirmation of obligations the system has assumed towards you and can be used as proof when solving technical and other issues. This message is signed with our PGP key, and any attempts of a third party to tamper with it will be discovered during verification.

See this section for directions on verifying your guarantee letter.

What notifications and announcements does provide for investors? provides investors with guarantee letters and also informs on the status of their investments by sending notifications upon submitting an investment request, after your funds pass the scoring, and when the funds are returned.