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We provide the unique services. We have created and are enhancing technologies and algorithms necessary to check and cleanse coin. We attract investors who own verified deposits from cryptocurrency stock exchanges and our partners interact with end clients

Being out of interaction with end customers, the Jambler.io platform acts as a guarantor of safety and reliability. All letters of guarantee are issued solely by the platform. They can be checked with a public PGP key of the platform.

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Why is Jambler.io so unique?

Generally speaking, functioning of classic services (mixers or tumblers like, for example, BitMixer) is limited to mixing customer cryptocurrency of disputable origin. What is more, a possibility that customers will get their own cryptocurrency back is not ruled out.

While the Jambler.io platform offers a unique service. To protect their privacy, end customers should obtain mixed cryptocurrencies having no "negative history". For this purpose the platform purchases output transactions from Bitcoin stock exchanges, verifies their quality and resells them to partners who interact with end clients. Herewith, the transactions are purchased from a hundred unrelated investors. Thus, it is guaranteed that end customers receive funds which have passed a double check for untrustworthiness: verification on stock exchanges and check of the platform itself.

The Jambler.io platform is completely anonymous and confidential. It does not store logs, does not require registration and verification and issues digital letters of guarantee in evidence of work with all members.

Why should I mix my coins?

A growing need to keep operations with cryptocurrency anonymous is propelled by their development.

The public often views Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means to send funds anonymously. However, users may underestimate the amount of personal identifying information (PII) inherently linked to this digital currency. To comply with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, online marketplaces monitor user activity and collect PII. This information ultimately creates a link between real-world identifiers and online BTC transactions. Transaction anonymization via operations on cryptocurrency stock exchanges or conversion of Bitcoin to a cryptocurrency with a higher anonymity level in exchanges (for example, Dash, Monero, Zcash, etc.) is a long and thorny way for advanced users. It requires a lot of manual operations and knowledge/expertise. An additional point is that deanonymization technologies are intensively progressing these days.

Thus, to address the threat of deanonymization, the users willing to protect their privacy may undertake various measures. This is where questions arise which the Jambler.io platform successfully answers.